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Whipped Kokum Butter

If you have ever used kokum butter before, you know how AMAZING it is. Kokum butter is naturally an extremely hard plant butter, but this body butter is formulated with oils that help to soften it up while also giving your skin some extra nourishment in addition to the wholesome, healing power of kokum butter. 


Because each jar is made to order, you have three available options regarding the consistency of your whipped kokum butter. Choose your favorite!...

A) If you choose the thick consistency, expect a heavier, firmer body butter that is quite dense. This consistency will spread very well and will provide maximum moisturizing benefits. It will take a few minutes to fully absorb into the skin. 
B) If you choose the light consistency, expect a texture that is quite similar to Cool Whip. It is very fluffy and light, and it melts instantly on the skin. It also absorbs very quickly. 
C) If you choose the medium consistency, expect(obviously) a texture that's in between thick and light. 

No matter what consistency you choose, all of them are very easy to apply and go on very well. It all depends on you and your preference! :) 


Whipped Kokum Butter

  • This Whipped Kokum Butter is made with great care and contains: kokum butter*, coconut oil*, hemp seed oil*, sweet almond oil, argan oil*, jojoba oil*, essential oil/all-natural fragrance oil(dependent on scent)  *fair-trade &/or wild-harvested &/or raw organic

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