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Itch Relief Balm(for Poison Ivy, Bug Bites)

This balm contains oils infused with wild-harvested jewelweed, plantain, and dandelions. It also is infused with organic calendula and marshmallow root. I personally rubbed poison ivy over my arms, ankles, and back to test this baby out. I was thrilled with the results, and I hope you will love it too! This balm is also wonderful for bug bites and bee stings. :) This is available in a beeswax formula as well as a plant-based formula using candelilla wax.  (Comes in 2 fluid oz. jar or 4 fl. oz. jar)


Jewelweed counteracts the urushiol which is the chemical in poison ivy and oak that causes the itchy reaction. Jewelweed is known for its skin-healing properties and for taking the itch out of the breakout.


Plantain has soothing, anti-inflammatory properties and reduces pain. It also helps speed healing.


Marshmallow Root helps in protecting the skin against damage from the urushiol. It also helps prevent the spread of bacteria on the skin, and it has anti-inflammatory properties.


Calendula is another healing plant and is excellent at soothing the itch. This plant is fantastic for your skin even without poison.


Dandelion is a cousin to calendula and has amazing skin-loving properties of its own. The are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous and are, therefore, super-duper for your skin. They also are high in antioxidants so they help protect your skin from free radicals. 

Itch Relief Balm(for Poison Ivy, Bug Bites)

  • This Itch Relief Balm is made with great care and contains:  (hemp seed* and sweet almond oil blend infused with wild-harvested and unsprayed jewelweed and plantain), (olive oil, sweet almond, and hemp seed* oil blend infused with calendula* and marshmallow root*), (hemp seed* and sweet almond oil infused with wild-crafted and unsprayed dandelion), beeswax* or candelilla wax      *fair-trade &/or wild-harvested &/or raw organic

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