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Herbal Lotion Bar

Please note: if you'd like a coconut oil-free item, please add it a note along with your order. I'd be happy to accommodate you. 


If you aren't a lotion fan, but you're still needing some skin nourishment,  this lotion bar is for you!  It is loaded with skin-loving oils and butters, as well as an oil infusion of homegrown and chemical-free healing plants such as calendula, yarrow, and comfrey. Your skin will notice the difference! This lotion bar is also fantastic for your lips! Use this lotion stick after your shower/bath while your skin is still moist to really see what this stick can do.  (2.375 fl. oz.) 


Herbal Lotion Bar

  • This Lotion Bar is made with great care and contains: beeswax* or candelilla wax,  shea butter*, mango butter*, kokum butter*, coconut oil*, [hemp seed oil*, sweet almond oil, extra virgin olive oil]-blend infused with [calendula*, yarrow*, comfrey*, echinacea*, plantain*, rosemary*, lavender*, marshmallow leaf*], argan oil, tamanu oil,  essential oils or natural fragrance oil(dependent on scent)  *fair-trade &/or wild-harvested &/or raw organic

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