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Herbal Immunity Tinctures

Both of these herbal tinctures are made with herbs grown from my own backyard and are grown as cleanly as possible.

Elderberries and Echinecea are known to help support the immune system and when taken together are believed to help speed up recovery time after illness. I recommend only using this tincture once or twice per week or taken daily when ill for up to seven days.

All of the herbs in the Thanksgiving Tincture are also known to help support immune function and benefit the body. I recommend taking this tincture daily.

I infuse these plants in everclear and a small amount of purified water to cut back on the burn. I infuse them for at least eight weeks, but it's closer to three months.

Herbal Immunity Tinctures

  • These tinctures are made with great care and contain:

    Elderberry&Echinecea Tincture: homegrown and chemical-free [elderberries, echinecea root, leaves, flowers], everclear, purified water

    Thanksgiving Tincture: homegrown and chemical-free [basil, oregano, sage, parsley, rosemary], everclear, purified water

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