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Herbal Clay Mask

Give yourself some spa treatment with this clay facial mask. It's blended with bentonite clay, food-grade diatomaceous earth, organic calendula, organic marshmallow root, organic turmeric, activated charcoal and magnesium chloride along with a couple essential oils. It helps detoxify, tighten, heal, and sooth all at once...and it just feels awesome! Because it is a dry mix, you have the power to decide what liquid you prefer to blend it with. Popular choices are apple cider vinegar(my personal favorite), honey, aloe Vera, yogurt, or just tried and true water. Each jar contains enough blend for approximately 30 uses. (Comes in 4 fl. oz. glass jar., 4 oz. in weight)


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Herbal Clay Mask

  • This herbal clay mask is made with great care and contains: turmeric*, bentonite clay, calendula*, marshmallow root*, food-grade diatomaceous earth, raw activated charcoal, magnesium chloride, essential oils of: lemongrass, tea tree, frankincense   *fair-trade &/or wild-harvested &/or raw organic

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