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Caffeine Infused Under Eye Serum

Try this serum that's made with a fantastic blend of skin-loving oils and is infused with organic coffee and organic green tea to help brighten those eyes or even your whole face. This serum is safe to use during the day or night. Perk it up! :) To order this serum, visit: Caffeine-Infused Eye Serum on Etsy.

Caffeine Infused Under Eye Serum

  • This Caffeine-Infused Eye and Face Serum is made with great care and contains: ([rosehip* oil, hemp seed oil*, carrot seed oil*, sweet almond oil, castor oil*] infused w/: coffee*, green tea*, black tea*, turmeric*, black pepper*), essential oils of: rose absolute, helichrysum, eucalyptus, cypress, rosemary, lemongrass, lavender, frankincense    *fair-trade &/or wild-harvested &/or raw organic

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