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Blemish Buster

Here's a gentle, effective spot treatment for blemishes. This Blemish Buster is made with witch hazel and a blend of essential oils that are highly effective at combating zits. These oils include; tea tree(melaleuca), clary sage, frankincense, and rosemary.  This is gentle enough to be used several times a day. I also find it extremely effective at keeping new blemishes from popping up. As soon as I feel or see the hint of a new zit, I roll this on top a couple times throughout the day, and that pre-zit disappears. If you have pre-existing blemishes on your face, this blend of oils is very helpful in shrinking it fast- and without scarring. I do not ever pop blemishes. I simply apply this blend throughout the day and it dries up and disappears. 


This blend comes in a 10 mL rollerball so it's perfect to travel along with you throughout the day to use whenever you need it! This blend is also available in a dram filled with an undiluted blend of the blemish buster oils. It has approximately 130 drops of essential oil per dram. Please dilute before use. 

**Helpful Hint: If using the dram, tap gently on the bottom of the dram to allow the essential oil blend to exit. The oil will not be released without tapping the bottom with each drop. Do not shake the oil out unless you are planning on using a lot more of it at one time. **


Note: The essential oils in this blend, like other Mother Truffula items, are 100% Therapeutic Grade Plant Therapy Oils.


To order this item, click: Blemish Buster on Etsy

Blemish Buster

  • This Blemish Buster is made with great care and contains: witch hazel(referring to the 10 mL rollerball), essential oils of: melaleuca, clary sage, frankincense, rosemary

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