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More information about these wholesome, nourishing oils and butters coming soon!

- Organic and Unrefined Shea Butter

- Mango Butter

- Kokum Butter

- Organic, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

- Sweet Almond Oil

- Hemp seed Oil

- Organic Jojoba Oil

- Organic Argan Oil

- Organic Tamanu Oil

- Organic Rosehip Oil

- Organic Raspberry Seed Oil

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Essential Oils

More information about these amazing essential oils coming soon!

- Lavender EO
- Grapefruit EO
- Lemongrass EO
- Rose EO
- Carrot seed EO
- Helichrysum EO
- Melaleuca EO
- Rosemary EO
- Patchouli EO
- Cedarwood EO
- Peppermint EO
- Frankincense EO
- Lemon EO
- Orange EO

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