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Shampoo Bar with Apple Cider Vinegar

Think about the glory of never having to buy another plastic bottle of shampoo again! This shampoo bar can get you there, and you will be surprised how much this feels like "real" shampoo! Filled with butter and oils that are outstanding for your hair and scalp, this shampoo bar will nourish and condition your hair during the cleanse. It also contains apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay to help restrict build-up on your scalp and draw out toxins. Give your hair the gift of these plant butters and oil from Mother Nature today! Try using an apple cider vinegar rinse after shampooing in place of traditional conditioner! To order this bar, visit: Shampoo Bar on Etsy.

Note: As with all handmade soap, it is very important to keep this shampoo bar very dry between uses. Pat dry with a towel and store away from water.

Note Two: Your hair may go through an adjustment period with this shampoo bar due to the huge change of no longer being stripped while washing. Give it time, and your scalp and hair will readjust. :)

Shampoo Bar with Apple Cider Vinegar

  • This Shampoo Bar is made with great care and contains: coconut oil*, extra virgin olive oil, kokum butter*,  castor oil*, hemp seed oil*, sweet almond oil, argan oil*,  jojoba oil*, rosehip oil*, tamanu oil*, apple cider vinegar*, sodium hydroxide, bentonite clay, essential oils(dependent on scent)   *fair-trade &/or wild-harvested &/or raw organic

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