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Scar Lightening Cream
This item is a spinoff of the whipped body butter but is LOADED with regenerative and healing oils. With consistent use, this cream can decrease the visibility and lighten scars. There is absolutely nothing wrong with scars and each tells a story! However, not everyone wants their story to be so obvious! This cream could help. : ) (Comes in 4 fl. oz. glass jar) To order this scar lightening cream, visit: Scar Lightening Cream on Etsy.Special Note: This cream contains myrrh essential oil. It is thought to be unsafe to use while pregnant. Do not use while pregnant or nursing. I would, however, be happy to make a custom order for pregnant or nursing mothers. Just email me!  :) **Important Note: If you live in a warmer climate or are ordering during summer months, please read our policy on shipping in the Summer Shipping section of the website.

Scar Lightening Cream

  • This scar lightening cream is made with great care and contains: shea butter*, kokum butter, mango butter*, coconut oil*, hemp seed oil*, sweet almond oil, castor oil*, tamanu oil*, rosehip oil*, argan oil*, jojoba oil*, carrot seed oil*, essential oils of: grapefruit, lemongrass, lavender, helichrysum, frankincense, rose, myrrh, lemon and rosemary                       *organic and unrefined

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