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Pumice & Black Walnut Foot Bar

Are your feet ready for some extra love? Here's the Mother Truffula Foot Bar to help effectively exfoliate and smooth your feet from your toes to your heals. This bar is loaded with finely-ground pumice and features hand-crushed(well, hammered) black walnut shells to gently(so gentle, you will wonder if it's doing anything at all) exfoliate that dead skin away and conditioning, skin-loving kokum butter to help nourish your feet, this bar is sure to get your feet ready for the world! I recommend using a few times per week to really allow this bar to do its job! To order this bar, visit: Pumice Foot Bar on Etsy.

Pumice & Black Walnut Foot Bar

  • This foot bar is made with great care and contains:  coconut oil*, extra virgin olive oil, kokum butter*, pumice, himalayan sea salt, food-grade diatomaceous earth, lye solution(sodium hydroxide, water), essential oils of: tea tree, peppermint   *fair-trade &/or wild-harvested &/or organic

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