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Dog Shampoo Bar

This Dog Shampoo Bar just may be more luxurious than your own personal bar of soap! Good news, though- it's safe(and wonderful!) for human-use as well! Both you and your dog will enjoy this skin-loving, coat-loving(for all you hairy people out there, ;) ) formula. No more knocking over the bottle of dog shampoo or needing to keep loading on more from the bottle. Simply rub into your dogs fur a few times and you're set. Best of all- and following the Mother Truffula Way- no harsh chemicals!  

Dog Shampoo Bar

  • This Dog Shampoo Bar is made with great care and contains: coconut oil*, hemp seed oil*, extra-virgin olive oil, shea butter*, argan oil*, sunflower oil*, castor oil*, sodium hydroxide, aloe vera juice, homemade apple cider vinegar, bentonite clay, essential oils(dependent on scent)   *fair-trade &/or wild-harvested &/or organic

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