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Bamboo & Pumice Exfoliating Face Polish

Looking for a sugar-free face scrub? Look no further! This exfoliating face polish is formulated with bamboo powder, finely-ground pumice, and food-grade diatomaceous earth for a very fine, gentle exfoliation. It's a very different experience than that of using a sugar scrub. It also happens to be a lot cleaner, and nothing is falling from your face or hands while you're applying it!  It's blended with hemp seed, rosehip, argan, and sweet almond oils and will leave your skin with a beautiful, soft glow and extreme softness. It is very subtle in terms of scent due to the essential oil blend of helichrysum, frankincense, and rose absolute. You only need a tiny amount to spread over your whole face. It'll be easy to over-do this one- try not to so you don't waste it! One jar will last for a long time(dependent on how often you use it, of course- once or twice a week is plenty). 


To order this item, click: Bamboo & Pumice Exfoliating Face Polish on Etsy.


This item is available in two sizes: 2 fl. oz.  or 1/2 fl. oz. However, I measure them by weight in ounces. I fill the 2 fluid ounce jar with at least 2.2 ounces of scrub. The 1/2 jar contains at least 0.8 ounces of scrub. Please keep this in mind when thinking of making a purchase. 


Bamboo & Pumice Exfoliating Face Polish

  • This exfoliating face polish is made with great care and contains: food-grade diatomaceous earth, finely-ground pumice, bamboo powder*, hemp seed oil*, rosehip oil*, argan oil*, naturally-refined sweet almond oil, essential oils of: helichrysum, frankincense, rose absolute   *wild-harvested &/or fair-trade &/or raw organic

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